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Thermosetting powder coating

Main production: Polyethylene powder, fence (field fence, road and rail fence, airport fence, prison fence, anti-drop net, anti-glare net, etc.)

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Thermosetting powder coatings

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    • Commodity name: Thermosetting powder coating

    A blank sheet of metal does not look appealing nor is it properly protected against external influences such as corrosion or scratches.Powder coating is a process that enhances surfaces both mechanically and visually,by applying powder and curing it.Many everyday objects such as windows,doors,furniture,and facades are being powder coated today.Expecially of the Projece barrier,like Fence Wire mesh.Additionally,powder coatings can also be used for products such as industrial machines or for certain car parts.New innovations also allow nonmetallic surfaces,such as plastic,wood or glass,to be finished with powder coatings.

    What is Powder Coating?

    Powder coating describes the finishing of surfaces with powder coatings,which is done by electrostatically charging surfaces.After this the object is placed in an oven,causing the powder to melt and harden again.This process is applicable to both metallic and nonmetallic surfaces.Generally,the process takes place automatically along a conveyor system.

    What are Powder Coatings made of?

    Powder coatings are dry mixtures,that generally consist of four main components:Binders(Epoxy Resins,Polyester Resins,Polyurethan Resins,Acrylate Resins,Hybrid Systems),Pigments and Dyes,Additives,Fillers.

    Colors and Effects

    Manufacturers often base selections on the RAL color system.Powder coatings are available in all possible colors,different surface structures and gloss levels.In addition,unique effects can be achieved by adding special pigments.Popular effects include Metallics,Clear Coat,Flip-Flop and Dormant powders.

    How are Powder Coatings manufactured?


    Advantages of Powder Coating

    No solvents

    Resistant surface

    Protection and Decoration

    Outstanding results in one coat

    Close to 100%material utilization

    Easy and clean application

    High mechanical resistance

    Applicable on various substrates

    Possible Applications for Powder Coatings

    Powder Coating and the Environment

    Powder coatings do not contain toxic heavy metals,are free of solvents and therefore do not release VOCs(volatile organic compounds)during coating or curing.This is also reflected in the CO2 footprint,where powder coatings have the lowest values of all available coating solutions.

    This means that,unlike solvent-based wet coatings,powder coatings are inherently environmentally friendly and offer the highest quality as well as outstanding performance.

    With the Green Deal in mind,NATION is doing everything it can with its Green NATION initiative to further increase the environmental performance of NATION's powder coating products and drive the energy revolution.



Thermosetting powder coating