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656 Fence

Main production: Powder coatings, fence (field fence, road and rail fence, airport fence, prison fence, anti-drop net, anti-glare net, etc.)

Key words:powder coatings,thermosetting powder coating, electrostatic powder coating


656 Fence

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    • Commodity name: 656 Fence
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    Nut self-locking

    656 Fence

    656 double wire fence is also called double horizontal wire fence, double wire fence, double-layer fence,

    wire fence because of its unique shape and structure. It is based on the ordinary mesh, and a horizontal wire

    is welded in the horizontal direction, and the two horizontal wires sandwich the vertical wire to form a

    heavy-weight welded mesh, which is combined with a special post to form a high-grade fence. product.

    Compared with a single horizontal wire, the double wire mesh fence is more robust and durable, beautiful

    and generous and highly practical.
    1. Two horizontal steel wires with a diameter of 6mm, and a vertical steel wire with a diameter of 5mm in

    the middle
    2. Surface treatment: There are various surface treatment methods for the double-clamp wire fence.

    Generally, it can be directly polished after welding and then dipped in high temperature or electrostatically

    sprayed. It can also be treated by cold and hot galvanizing and then dipped in plastic, and anti-corrosion

    Performance will be more superior.
    3. Matching column: square column (50 × 50mm, 60 × 60mm) or rectangular column (80 × 60 × 2.5mm,

    120 × 60 × 3mm) or peach type column, etc.

    4. Connection method: The mesh and the column are combined with bolts or rivets, and flat steel or special

    steel cards can also be used. All nuts are self-locking, which has good anti-theft and malicious disassembly


    5. Uses: The double-wire mesh fence dedicated to the court has a simple mesh structure, good stability, and

    beautiful appearance. It is used in the lower layer of the fence to solve the problem of the chain link

    fence being deformed due to the long time or the impact of the ball.
    6. Can produce various types and holes of double wire fence, all of which are produced by machine welding.

    The maximum size of a single piece can be 2.4 meters * 3 meters, and the wire warp can be selected from

    3.6mm-6.0mm. And can be processed according to the requirements of drawings, production cycle is short,

    quality is guaranteed.

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