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Main production: Polyethylene powder, fence (field fence, road and rail fence, airport fence, prison fence, anti-drop net, anti-glare net, etc.)

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Thermoplastic powder coatings

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    Strong adhesion





    Material: polyethylene material, adding other components.

    Feature: smooth, excellent flexible, chemical resistance, electrical insulation, safety and health and surface


    Application: widely applied to the fence and fence posts, such as railing of highway fences, railway fences,

    steel products, wire shelves and baskets, hand refrigeration equipment, refrigerator grids, and racks.

    Substrate : metal ,such as steel, iron, aluminum, etc

    Product Feature:
    Eco friendly, Economic,

    Good Weather Resistance

    Good Resistance to cold & Hot weather

    Strong UV protection


    10 years professional factory

    Colors: Green 6005, Grey 7040, Blue 5010 are common used.  Other colors can be customized


    a) Below 35°C
    b) In dry, ventilated, clean indoor
    c) Keep away from fire, heating, and direct sunlight
    d) Better with coverage
    e) If the stored time is more than 24 month,  the better be tested before use

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    Notice: Please don’t be mixed with other company’s products when using.

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           Various Colors of Powder Coating We Supply


      Green is the most common color of our range of polyethylene powders. Sometimes, other colors are also required for some specific applications such as decoration. In our company, powder coatings are available in various colors as shown in the following color chart. (Custom colors of powders can also be supplied upon request.)